Welcome to Our Practice

     At New Freedom Family Medicine, LLC, we recognize that you have a choice when it comes to your family's healthcare provider. For Dr. Jennifer Allen, MD your health, well-being and satisfaction are most important. New Freedom Family Medicine is a Direct Primary Care practice. This innovative practice format hopes to bring back the traditional physician-patient relationship by eliminating any insurance company involvement. This ensures a direct relationship between the patient and the physician improving care overall. 

Features of Direct Primary Care include: 

    1. Membership: Patients join by paying a flat monthly fee that covers nearly all of the primary care we can do in the office. We do not bill insurance, including Medicare. This keeps our costs low. We pass the savings on to our patients. The membership fee is age based, paid monthly, quarterly or yearly. The membership automatically renews monthly. If you decide to leave the practice- the membership will be cancelled. With 30 days prior notice, refunds are given for any whole months paid in advance after satisfying any outstanding charges for other services, minus any discounts (see the terms of service agreement when signing up for details). 

    2. Transparent Pricing: Most everything we can do in the office is included- EKGs, sutures, joint injections (except medication), urinalysis tests to name a few.  Examples of things that may cost extra include: send out labs, medication, pathology specimen, splints or ace wraps, some bandages, etc.  When these costs are needed, you will know at the time of service or in advance. We work hard to find the lowest cost for our members.  

    3. Personal physician-patient relationship. I limit the number of patients who may join the practice to 600 or less. This ensures that I have time to take care of your individual needs. I want to know my patients so that I may give better care. Office visits are longer- 30 minutes to an hour is the norm. For patients who need home visits or visits to an assisted living/nursing home facility, these are arranged when appropriate. I am also available by phone, text, email or video after hours. While I do have regular office hours, if an urgent need arises we arrange to take care of it. We are also able to schedule after hours/weekend appointments as needed. Finally the practice software has an app that members may use to access their account anytime. Ask us about getting the app for your device. 

    4. Coordination of Care:  Many of our patients may need specialists or tests/procedures that we are not able to provide. We have the time to help arrange these referrals and search for the most-cost effective solution to your needs. This may help to reduce your out of pocket health care costs as well. 

    5. Wholesale Medications: While we support our local pharmacies, we do have the opportunity to provide some wholesale medications to our members. This is another way we save members money- many times enough to offset the cost of the membership. Bring in your list and let us see if we can help. 

We are committed to providing evidenced-based, quality health care. If you have more questions please contact the office at the numbers listed. On behalf of all our professionals and staff, we welcome you to our practice, and look forward to helping you and your family preserve a lifetime of good health.