JFK may have experienced experiences that are gay buddy claims biographer

JFK may have experienced experiences that are gay buddy claims biographer

John F. Kennedy and Lem Billings. JFK Library and Museum

President John F. Kennedy could have had an intimate relationship with a gay buddy from their prep college days, claims bestselling author Jerry Oppenheimer, who may have written two publications concerning the Kennedys.

Although the 35th president has been legendarily referred to as a womanizer who usually cheated on their spouse, Oppenheimer alleges that JFK’s three-decades long relationship with their previous prep college buddy Lem Billings may happen an intimate one.

Kennedy and Billings came across in 1933 within their sophomore year at Choate Rosemary Hall, a special connecticut prep school. The teens worked together on the class’s yearbook, and Billings became intimately drawn to the handsome young Kennedy.

Oppenheimer writes when you look at the regular Mail that their intimate relationship would endure from their college years towards the day’s Kennedy’s assassination. He claims Billings also had their own space within the White House, much to Jackie Kennedy’s chagrin.

Billings made his desire understood although the two were still in school by composing Kennedy a love note on an item of rest room paper.

A startled Kennedy reacted into the note by saying, “Please do not compose in my opinion on rest room paper any longer. I am perhaps perhaps not that type or form of child. ”

Nevertheless, Kennedy’s emotions quickly changed in which he became more amenable to their buddy’s improvements, relating to Lawrence J. Quirk, writer of The Kennedys in Hollywood, whom first came across Billings when you look at the mid-Forties whenever both were volunteers in Jack Kennedy’s first congressional campaign.

Quirk claims Billings would later confide in him that their relationship with Kennedy had been intimate, to a spot, and “included dental intercourse, with Jack constantly regarding the receiving end. Continue reading “JFK may have experienced experiences that are gay buddy claims biographer”